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The house in Arguello

Direção: Valentina Llorens

Documentário, Cor, Digital, 83min, -2017, Argentina

Faixa etária sugerida: livre

The house in Arguello
Foto: La casa de Arguello-divulgacion


The director and protagonist, Valentina Llorens, born in captivity, over 16 years and after the appearance of the remains of her missing uncle, records audiovisual material and recordings to her grandmother, Mother of the Plaza de Mayo, her ex-mother Politics and her 6-year-old daughter. The documentary narrates from the intimate bosom of the family the look of 4 generations of women crossed by the last military dictatorship Argentina.

Elenco: Nelly Ruiz de Llorens, Fatima Llorens, Frida Casares, Valentina Llorens

Empresa Produtora: Mondo Cine- Magoya Films

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